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VT-iSIM (Authorized Distributor)

VT-iSIM (Authorized Distributor)

VT-iSIM (Authorized Distributor)

Fast & Simple Imaging Beyond the Diffraction Limit
Product description
Introducing the world's first high speed super resolution imaging system
With VT-iSIM,the ground breaking high speed super resolution imaging system from VisiTech International, you can image at spatial and temporal resolutions never thought possible before. With no requirement to use specific fluorophores and without any computation, the VT-iSIM produces super resolution images in real time at up to 1,000 frames per second.VT-iSIM is also fully modular enabling you to upgrade your existing Epifluorescent microscope to a Super Resolution microscope at a fraction of the cost.
Spatial Resolution: 125nm Laterally and 350nm Axially*
Temporal Resolution: Scan Speed up to 1000fps, full frame With Scientific CMOS camera, achievable capture rates are:200fps @ 1024x1024, 400fps @ 1024x512, 800fps@1024x256
Pin Holes: Selectable from 10-64um
Dichroic Changer: Automated 3-Position Dichroic Changer
Emission Filter Changer: Regular or High Speed 6-Position Emission Filter Changer
Excitation: Up to six solid state lasers selectable from within the visible
range (405, 445, 488, 514, 532, 561, 642nm)
intensity and laser line selection controlled via software
Sync: Perfect camera & excitation sync comes as standard
Camera Specification: For accurate sampling camera must have pixel size <6.5um Camera connection is via regular c-mount
Microscope Specification: For quoted resolution numbers high NA high magnification lens
must be used, i.e. 100x 1.49NA
Microscope connection is via regular c-mount
Software: System supplied with VTi’s VoxCell Scan Acquisition software
but can also be supplied with MM or NIS Elements
Outline Drawing
VT-iSIM Instant Super Resolution Imaging

Who are VisiTech International?
● Established in 1999
● 100% employee owned company
● UK based engineering and manufacturing
● Develop fluorescence based imaging systems for life and material sciences

--Quanticell – High speed Ca2+ Epi-Fl Imaging System
--QLC100 – Yokogawa based spinning disk
--VT-Eye – AOD based high speed point scanning confocal
--VT-Infinity series – 2D Array Scanning confocal’
--VT-iSIM – High Speed Super Resolution Imaging system
● Particular focus on high speed confocal and super resolution imaging techniques
● Represented globally by territory specific channel partners
What is Super Resolution Imaging?
● Widely defined as light microscopy beyond the classic diffraction limit as given by Abbe's law:
● So for green emission with a high NA (≥1.40) lens you can expect a theoretical resolution of ~190nm
● Imaging beyond this theoretical limit may be considered super resolution imaging
● n 2014 the Nobel prize for chemistry was awarded to William E. Moerner, Eric Betzig, Stefan Hell"for the development of super-resolved fluorescence microscopy"
● Also important to mention Mats Gustafson who made major advancements in SIM imaging
Digital Implementations of ISM


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