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Technical introduction
Technical introduction

Technical introduction


  1. Technical introduction

  (1) Technology development history

  (2) Technical characteristics

 Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS) technology can quantitatively detect the concentration, hydrodynamic radius and interaction characteristics of molecules with single-molecule resolution in a micro-volume (5 μL) solution sample or in a single living cell, and can be widely used. In applications such as cell signaling mechanisms, biomolecule denaturation focusing, biomacromolecule liquid-liquid phase separation, antibody screening, pathogen detection, disease marker detection, enzyme activity detection, fluorescent probe characterization, nanoparticle characterization, exosomes Analysis, polymer analysis, microfluidic technology development and other research fields.

  (3) Technology application

General application:

Single-molecule fluorescence analysis in solution samples or cell lysates

Molecular interaction analysis in solution samples or cell lysates

Detection of particle size (hydrodynamic radius) of molecules or nanoparticles

Ultrasensitive detection of relative and absolute concentrations of molecules or nanoparticles

Dedicated application:

Liquid-liquid phase separation of biological macromolecules

Single-molecule studies on the dynamic structure-function mechanism of biological macromolecules

Analysis of physical and fluorescent properties of fluorescent probe molecules or nanoparticles

Cell signaling mechanism and molecular interaction research for drug development

2. SX series products

(1) Product features

No need for microscopes or professional optical technicians, desktop instrument analysis can be realized in ordinary laboratories.

3. CX series products

(1) Product features

It can be docked with any inverted fluorescence microscope to realize the analysis of molecular characteristics in living cells, tissues or embryo samples.

In particular, the module can be combined with multiple microscopy platforms of confocal, total internal reflection fluorescence, multiphoton, light sheet, and STED super-resolution to integrate fluorescence with single-molecule resolution on the advantages of each fluorescence microscopy imaging modality Spectral analysis function. Therefore, the FCS spectral analysis-fluorescence microscopy integrated system can not only perform high-resolution imaging of subcellular structures, but also quantitatively analyze the molecular mechanisms of subcellular structures.


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