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Zhongke Aohui launched the special training on "Efficient Time Management"

——Zhongke Aohui launched internal training press release Zhongke Aohui launched the special training on "Efficient Time Management" In order to improve the comprehensive quality of employees and enhance the comprehensive strength of the team, on August 6, 2020, the special training on "Efficient Time Management" was held as scheduled in the company's large conference room.

Products that no one else can do! The returnee doctor brought the "world's only" back to Zhongshan to start a business

"Our products are already on the market, and the first device was sold to the National Institutes of Health." On March 20, in the Sino-Swiss (Europe) Industrial Park Health and Medicine Demonstration Zone on Saddle Island, Cuiheng New District, Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Researcher and doctor Huang Shaohui told reporters with a smile in the office of the company's new site that he was as confident as when he started his business two years ago.

The provincial talent work research team inspected the talent work of the two districts

On the morning of January 19, Wang Zhiyun, a researcher from the Talent Work Office of the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee, led a team to inspect the work of the two districts to establish a provincial talent reform pilot area. The research team went to Zhongshan Industrial Technology Research Institute, China Zhongshan Overseas Students Pioneer Park, and Sino-Swiss (Europe) Innovation Center for inspections. ....2018-1-19

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